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Fees and Policies

We are committed to making our programs available to as many social change leaders as possible. We know that capitalism places a lot of demands on us. Some of us have college loan debt. Some have multiple children and only one household income. Some support our families in other countries. Some of us were formerly incarcerated or are undocumented which limits the jobs we can get.


Some of us on the other hand have access to family or organizational wealth. Some of us have well paying jobs at foundations or as consultants. Some of us have professional development money from our nonprofits that we can use for programs such as this. We know that each situation is unique and want to give you a choice.


There are three main things that your tuition goes for: 1) to pay the trainers and staff a wage that values their work and life experiences; 2) to support all the costs of the program from websites, legal fees, creating books and 3) scholarships and financial assistance for those who have difficulty paying for the program, have cultural/systemic obstacles in their way and/or are severely lacking in numbers in the coaching field.

We ask you to consider your own financial situation and pay at the level that is meaningful for you towards helping support our mission. If, in addition, you would also like to support the tuition of others you can also click the donation box and contribute what you would like. 

Introduction to Liberatory Coaching 2-Day Training Fees


$995 (Supports our 9-month program scholarship fund)






9-Month Coaching Certification Program Tuition


The tuition for the 9-month program is $12,500.

We are deeply committed to creating access to our program for BIPOC movement leaders who cannot independently access the work.  To this end we have committed to greatly reduced tuition for 12 of our 35 spaces in our upcoming 9-month certification cohort. The twelve partial scholarships will be for five Black men, five Native folks and two formerly incarcerated people. We have additional funds available for others in need as well. 

If the tuition amount feels prohibitive, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible anyways, and work with us to develop a fundraising and payment plan for your participation. 

For more information on how to raise resources to attend our programs, click here.



To help us spend the least time on administration and the most on creating an exciting program for you we are using the same payment and transfer policies as our fiscal sponsor, Rockwood Leadership Institute. Those policies are as follows.


Payment of training fees is due two weeks (10 business days) after being accepted into the program. If accepted less than four weeks before the start of the program, payment is due within three business days of acceptance into the program. We cannot guarantee enrollment until payment is received.

For payment plans, please contact Full payment needs to be received the month before your registered training.



We understand schedules for social change leaders shift with their work, so we have developed the following transfer and cancellation policy to accommodate that reality, as well as maintain Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation’s sustainability.



If you are enrolled in a public program, such as the Introduction to Liberatory Coaching, and would like to transfer your enrollment to the same program at a later date, please notify Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation [link]   as soon as possible in order to enable applicants on the waiting list to participate.


Only one transfer is permitted, and must be fulfilled within six months of the original training. We are unable to make any transfers between Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation programs and Rockwood’s program because they are two separate organizations although one is fiscally sponsored by the other.


For programs (e.g. Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation’s 9-month Professional Coach Certification Program) that involve multiple trainings, there are no refunds or transfers after the first session.


Otherwise, the following policy applies:







If you do not fulfill your enrollment within six months, your enrollment will be cancelled and your training fees will not be reimbursed.


If a family emergency or similar circumstance prevents your attendance, please notify Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation [link]   immediately. Each case will be handled individually.



Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation must receive notice of cancellation by email. If we do not receive a notice of cancellation by the start of training, none of the fees will be refundable. Otherwise, the following policy applies:




Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation reserves the right to cancel a program at any time. If Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation cancels a program, we will work with you to transfer your enrollment to another session (without any transfer fee) or you will receive a full refund for tuition.