9-Month Coaching for Healing, Justice, and Liberation Certification Program

The 9-month Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation program is a professional coaching certification training, meant for social justice movement leaders in all realms: professional coaches, foundation and nonprofit staff, community-based organization members, and anyone who is deeply rooted in BIPOC communities. 


Please note that we expect to receive many more applications than the 34 spots we have open in this cohort. You will receive an admissions notification by mid-February 2021. 


The 9-month program teaches liberatory coaching skills from an anti-systemic oppression lens, with the awareness of spirit and the ancestors. Some of the skills include:


  • Identifying your own needs and values as well as the needs and values of your team members, coalition partners, elected officials, and clients. Our behaviors are strategies to get our needs met. Most of us don’t know how to pinpoint our needs and simply feel “off”, “depressed”, “angry” and/or “hurt. Once our needs are identified, we can work to get our needs met.

  • Self-leadership: grounding yourself in creativity, compassion, courage, and connectedness and making decisions from a Self-led position, as opposed to making decisions or seeing situations through the lens of fear, scarcity, rage, and catastrophe. We know that BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ use all of the skills that we have and invent new skills that we desperately need to survive. If we are driven by fear, we have fewer options: cognitively, spiritually, and emotionally. You will learn how to know when you are being driven by one of these parts that hold fear, how to reset your nervous system, and lead from a place of higher Self.

  • Creating Conscious Relationships: designing agreements for individual and group interactions by identifying what you need to show up fully in a space and asking for it. So many relationships are based on assumptions or unspoken agreements. In a white supremacist and hetero-patriarchal society, these unspoken agreements serve to protect those in power, protect the white/male/hetero/cis privileged, and reinforce oppression. Creating Conscious Relationships creates accountability and consent. Conscious Relationship Agreements are attempts to balance power between the coach and the coach partner.  


These skills and more will be presented through coaching demonstrations, practice coaching by participants, and small and large group discussions. 



Dates and general syllabus for the 9-month certification program.


All day weekends:   

            #1 Friday 5/21/21, Saturday 5/22/21, 9 am-4 pm PST

            #2 Friday 7/16/21, Saturday 7/17/21, 9 am-4 pm PST

            #3 Friday 8/27/21, Saturday 8/28/21, 9 am-4 pm PST

            #4 Friday 10/15/21, Saturday 10/16/21, 9 am-4 pm PST 

            #5 Friday 12/3/22, Saturday 12/4/22, 9 am-4 pm PST

            #6 Friday 1/28/22, Saturday 1/29/22, 9 am-4 pm PST


Additionally, there will be weekly 90-minute required sessions throughout the nine months, offered every Wednesday at 9-10:30 PST or 5-6:30 PST, of which you choose one to attend.


Financial Assistance and Scholarships for the 9-month program

We will be accepting applications for the 9-Month Cohort from November 1st, 2020 to January 29th, 2021. Admissions decisions will be announced in mid-February 2021.

Apply to the 9-Month Coaching Certification Cohort 

The 2021 cohort is intended to lift up communities of color by being all-BIPOC. Future cohorts are intended to have some spaces for committed anti-racist white-identified participants. 

Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation

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Through Healing and Justice, We Achieve Liberation

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