Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation

Liberatory Coaching: Our Love Letter to the Movement


CHJL is designed and run by BIPOC folks with a long history of social justice movement organizing. 


Through years of organizing with the Bus Riders Union/Sindicato de Pasajeros/버스 승객 조합, Ban the Box, and other important struggles, we experienced victories, heartbreak, growth, pain, and so much richness. These experiences led us to coaching for social justice movement leaders to grow our capacity, resilience, and effectiveness to ultimately win the struggles we are fighting while, at the same time, making sure movement spaces are healing, uplifting, and don’t leave anyone behind. 


We believe that through engaging in individual and collective healing and through the victories of social justice movements for those most-impacted by systems of oppression, we will achieve liberation for BIPOC people. 

Recentering Cultural Values

Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation seeks to uncover and rediscover traditional and adaptive ways of living out our value systems of expansiveness and liberation for collective healing. We do this in a way that leans into the innate resilience and traditional wisdom of the cultures of our participants.


Our core values include:


  • Being Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) led.

  • Holding an intersectional anti-oppression analysis that starts with understanding and dismantling white supremacy and settler colonialism.

  • Healing and self-reflection are necessary for individual and collective liberation.

  • A just and sustainable world is possible and we are a part of co-creating that world now. 

  • Transformative justice and traditional ways of healing are central to our approach.

What we teach you to do:

  • Ask transformative powerful questions that elicit clarity and a path forward by identifying core needs

  • Create effective accountability for oneself and support others to do the same

  • Create trust and intimacy in relationships

  • Embody a coaching presence that invites trust and opportunity for growth

  • Self-manage of your own needs while coaching

  • Create people and planet-based ethics, emanating from collective and ancestral wisdom to create alternatives to white supremacist, settler colonial culture

  • Address the impact of implicit bias

  • Understand and address the impact of white/male/cis/etc. fragility on impacted groups

  • Undo white supremacy and other systems of oppression internal and external to your body

  • Guide your coach partner into a process that is liberating for them as an individual and for the collective

We seek to:

  • Provide a critical, compassionate, nuanced approach to nonprofit and movement culture

  • Support participants in our programs to name, navigate, and uproot white supremacy culture in their organizations and communities

  • Increase the effectiveness of movements and nonprofits by offering coaching skills as a way to heal communities, build coalitions, move through conflict, and undo systemic oppressions within these institutions

A Path Towards Liberation

We are weaving liberation into the fabric of our lives. Liberation begins with identifying how we are impacted by interlocking systems of oppression. Through coaching support we can see that the psychological iron shackles that limit us are, in fact, open. 


We want people to come home to themselves and live from a place of joy. Our school seeks to invite individual reflection and transformation while building collective action towards justice.  


"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world; today I am wise, so I want to change myself."​

-Rumi, the Muslim poet from Konya

About Our Team

​I'm a coach, coach trainer, organizer, and artist.  I came to coaching through organizing because I wanted a way to better manage what was happening inside of me as I was doing social justice work. As an empath-introvert, I realized in that journey that I could better support myself and others through coaching because it gave me the language to see others and myself as already whole. There was no management needed.  It also felt deeply spiritual to me which felt right as someone who desires to connect to the Creator as a muslim. To that end, I want to be a part of creating a world where storytelling, healing, and transformation are pathway to freedom where we are in pursuit of elevating our highest spiritual selves.

As a coach, coach trainer, priest and healer, I help spiritual seekers with a social conscience connect heaven and earth. My training as a community organizer in South Central Los Angeles taught me to observe and assess material conditions—what was occurring on the ground and how to move those conditions forward to win social justice victories. My studies to become an Ifa Priest (Babalawo) speak of things happening in the spiritual realm before manifesting in the world. I try to live right in the sweet spot of awareness — between the metaphysical and physical, between heaven and earth. For some of you heaven is the influence of God, Orisas or ancestors. 


My personal mission statement is to create experiences of beauty and communion for myself and others. I have experienced how it is not fully possible to experience joy and the richness of the earth without first healing personal, racial, and ancestral trauma, without seeking justice for those most shackled by white supremacy and other systems of oppression. This knowing led me to a community organizing and nonprofit work in anti-domestic violence, queer communities, university campuses, and with tenants and workers. Through my work as a cultural healer, my purpose is to bring the power of witnessing and presence to all of my interactions.

I will support you to see your vulnerability as a strength, the parts of you that feel disparate as essential components of the whole, and to remind you along the way that you matter, how we win matters, and who we are along the way matters. Join me and us as we build the kind of world we deserve. 




Still others touch this heaven through their work in social justice movements. My work as a coach and coach trainer helps harness the infinite that allows you to fulfill your mission and effect concrete change here in the world.

Senior Program &
Development Manager

In my previous roles at education and healthcare organizations, I learned about the degree of oppression that exists in systems and how severely they impact BIPOC communities. Beyond my professional experience, my greatest education has come from connecting with my Japanese, Filipino, and Native Hawaiian cultures and ancestors and communities in Spokane, WA, Oakland, CA, and Honolulu, HI. I believe that our community healers and leaders who are on the frontlines of battling systemic oppression need access to professional development opportunities that allow them to uplift the knowledge of their ancestors and community. By engaging with one another in a space grounded in their perspectives rather than a context that further oppresses BIPOC communities, we can cultivate resilience for individual and collective liberation.

Program Specialist


Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation

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Through Healing and Justice, We Achieve Liberation

we acknowledge that we live and work on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Tongva/Gabrielino peoples who are the traditional land caretakers of Tovaangar (the Los Angeles basin and So. Channel Islands); the traditional and ancestral lands of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla peoples; and the land belonging to the Kanaka ʻŌiwi (Native Hawaiian peoples) originally named Pu'uloa.

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